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Motion in dances such as the motion is not in everyday life.  Dance movement is a movement that has changed or stylized process of motion Wantah (original) to pure motion and motion meaningful. Motion Wantah who have experienced stylized it eventually can be seen and enjoyed due to the movement that has aesthetic value (pure motion and motion motion meaningful). Motion Wantah example hoeing, batik dll.gerak easily understood sebalikknya motion Wantah pure and simple maknawitidak dipahamikarena already undergone a process of stylization or changes in both addition and subtraction. Wantah pure motion is the motion that has been converted into motion a beautiful but meaningless. Wantah meaningful motion is the motion is the motion that has been converted into a beautiful motion meaningful

In the time element is also crucial in building a dance movement. In a time element there are 2 very important factors that rhythm and tempo. The rhythm of the dance show times the size of any changes to the details of movement, rhythm is more directed to the size sooner or later every movement can be achieved.