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Thousands of people rallied in the capital of Serbia on Saturday (11/6),balkaniyum accused the government of stealing and doing violence related to the planned redevelopment of the popular Belgrade area.

Protesters stage a demonstration against the deal worth three billion dollars with a developer based in Abu Dhabi to transform Belgrade into a regional sections upscale residential and shopping complex.

Demonstrators underlined the incident that occurred on 24 April in blackboard Savamala district, where a number of buildings broken down at night by masked men.

Action committee said that about 15,000 people joined the peaceful rally. While the police reported that there were about 4,000 people, although journalists at the scene said at least a doubling of the number of participating in the action.

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who introduced the beach project in 2014, called the masked people were "stupid" for their behavior, but said that the buildings had been scheduled for demolition.

The agreement signed with the developer Eagle Hills that aims to change some parts of Savamala and surrounding area into a shopping mall, office and apartment blocks, quoted by AFP.




















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